How Did The Telephone Change America At The Turn Of The Century?


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Let me start by reminding you that this answer is "only my opinion". The telephone not only in america, but around the the world. Change the way people communicate (with each other)... Making it easier to talk (at) one another instead of (to) one another... And with this in mind, now days people don't have to socialize face to face. One on one. Family's separate, government's separate. Neighbors separate. What should and could have been used as a tool (meaning the "phone")... For the good of mankind, has only become a tool of the ( dark side of town)... And I realize, that uhhh yes. People can interact through internet via video. But face it, people can fake, and fool and deceive easier than if "we as people" were socializing. Communicating. {in person} one on one as (neighbors) and (family's) and (government) was meant to do... Sooo on that note. The phone changed america in the turn of the century for the worse...

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