If A Dice Is Rolled Five Times, What Is The Probability Of Getting Two To Come Up One Time?


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This is a binomial distribution

the probability of a 2 (T) is 1/6  __ the probability of NOT a 2 (N) is 5/6

for five rolls, one 2  __   5(T^1*N^4)  __  5 * (1/6) * (5/6)^4  __  .402 (approx)
Answer is .402
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I think everything that depends on probability has a huge role for luck. Because that dice can come up all five times with 5, or can not come up with 5 at all, just like in a casino. But in betting it doesn't work like that in the full power because on such platforms like Dimers you can rely on your knowledge and that can be enough.

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Can you clarify what you mean by "Two to come up one time?"  Two identical faces but only twice? Or the number 2 coming up only one time?

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Tried to rewrite the question because it is a little confusing, but here it is as it appear on my homework.

A die is rolled five times and the number of twos that come up is tallied. Find the probability of getting the indicated result.

Two comes up one time.
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 1 out of 30. A dice has six sides and you roll the dice five times so you multiply six times five to come up with the probability that two will come up one time every thirty rolls.

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