How Hard Is 6th Grade?


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It is not hard at all if you are interested in learning and pay attention, 6th grade the first few months is a continuation of the last grade as you progress to the 6th grade level of work, and each grade you pass to it like that the first month or so is a continuation of the previous grade and you progress forward you may be given more homework, but if you do it an study so as not to fall behind you will be fine...the best to you
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Sixth grade is no harder than any of the other grades.  The increased difficulty of the materials in each grade are matched to the increased ability of the students to understand and learn those materials.  Don't sweat it.  Sit up straight, pay attention, and do your best!
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It was the easiest grade ive ever done and it laid the foundation for seventh grade for me, im going into 8th grade and trust me sixith grade is important but dont worry about the classes focus on your bonds and friendships because tho0se are more important because they help you and in seventh grade you need friends to help you through both the emotional and pressures of seventh grade but no its not hard at all just go with the flow.
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Not hard at all as long as you do your homework.
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It will be the deciding grade of middle school but not because of grades and to help you out go into lots of clubs because that is easiest way to make friends and help you pass and get it on.
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It is the hardest grade you will face between 1st grade & 8th grade.
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It's a difficult adjustment from elementary school; the most important thing is to focus on doing well in school.
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In my school its like as easy as 3rd grade! We never get homework and as long as your on time for classes its awesome! Switching classes is so much fun, and study halls (if you have ones with teachers that don't pay attention) are AHMAZZZZZINGGGG!
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Fishwiz is sooo wrong! It us the greatest grade of my life!!! Don't worry at all

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