Is 8th Grade Gonna Be Hard?


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Of course! I'm in 8th grade right now! Honestly 8th grade is both hard and easy depending on what subject. -Math is kinda hard, you have to learn how to write and solve equations,areas and sub-problems,patterns and graphs linear equations,slopes and rate of change,function and equality, exponents and quadratic equations.(that's just to name a few) -Language Arts is not as hard, you do poems learn how to write essays like expository and persuasive!(that's just to name a few)-Science is easy. Its just a review but you have to take a lot of notes and do many project and quizzes! The fun thing about it is labs! (I love labs there so much fun)-History my least favorite. Same as science you have to take lots of notes,study if you want to pass. Make sure you remember the dates and name. Weather it is the persons name or the state.*All in all, 8th grade is a lot to handle,make sure you have a planner,turn in your work on time, and listen to the teacher. Its kinda the same as 6th and 7th but its a challenge! Have fun you get to have dances and treated like kings/queens!(sometimes) 

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