How To Become The Most Popular Person In Your School?


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Becoming popular is all about strategy and understanding what makes people popular in the first place. 

There's no one way or secret sauce that will turn you popular overnight. Instead, if you want to gradually improve your popularity day by day until you become the most popular person in the entire school, then this is what you have to understand:
  • How you treat people matters
  • How others treat you matters
  • The environment you're in matters
1. How you treat others
Although everyone always assumes being nice to other people is what being popular is about, it is NOT.

Yes, people like to feel special, so treating them like everything they say matters and that you're really interested in them is one approach, but really, the only people you want to impress like that are 'influencers' - the other popular people.
Make a list of these popular people in your school, try to learn their insecurities or hangups that they have about themselves, and use that knowledge to your advantage.
For example, someone that is popular but hasn't had a boyfriend will probably look up to someone that is very confident around boys.
For everyone else, it's about being pleasant, remembering people's names - but being too busy or out of their league to pay them much attention.
2. How other people treat you
This part matters a lot more.
You can spend all day and night treating everyone in your grade like they're your BFF, but it won't change a thing if they treat you badly in return.
You need to earn people's respect and admiration - and there are a number of ways to do that.
The most obvious is to look pretty. Social groups are naturally more likely to treat someone better if they like the look of them.

If looks are a department you struggle in, then you will be at a disadvantage, but not out of the game.

You can make up for it by being good at sports, really cool/interesting, or talented at something everyone wants to be good at.

For example, one of the most popular guys at my school wasn't very good looking, but he was an amazing graffiti artist.

3. Be street smart
Whether you're a guy or a girl, school is all about showing people how adult and mature you are.
No-one ever became popular by being a teachers pet or an over-protected mamma's boy - you've got to show a wild side now and then.
That's why a lot of the cool kids smoke, drink and do drugs.

You don't have to go down that route, but you will have to make it clear that you're staying away from that stuff because you've made a personal choice not to do it - NOT because you're scared, inexperienced, or instructed by your parents.
You can even use a little white lie to get around this.
For example, telling people that "you quit doing drugs in middle school after your best friend overdosed on ketamine and the tragedy made you go teetotal" will earn the respect of your peers as well as some bonus street cred, and you won't need to justify your refusal to partake in any more illicit activity.
4. Control your environment and situation
People make friends with other people because they have things in common and are in close proximity to those people. For example, two guys that play football on the same team and take many of the same classes are more likely to be friends.
You need to get yourself involved in all the activities that your target influencers are involved in.

Do a bunch of popular girls do drama? You need to drop 3rd period French and take up Drama then!
Are the hottest girls in the school on the cheer squad? Then it's time to get your pom-poms out and start practicing.
5. Do not operate as a lone wolf
While your ambition is to be THE most popular person in school, you can't go at it alone. 
Early on in your campaign, you will need to establish a small group of trusted friends that will help you get to the top of the social ladder.

To execute the above points, you will need energy, confidence, charm and charisma. Not everyone has that - which is why not everyone can be popular.
But it's important to remember that popularity is perfectly attainable for anyone that puts their mind to it - it all depends how bad you want it, and what you're prepared to do to make it happen for you.
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Edwardyumm is right.
People love positive people! If you're  happy others will be happy around you.
You could be good at sport and wear expensive clothes and hang round the cool people, but it's not necessary. I do none of that, but the I'm good friends will all the popular girls. But that's just me, I suppose..
Just be yourself, have a laugh, and don't be scare to be silly,
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First,i like to say that most people say popularity isnt every thing and these words.the asker told you he/she want to be popular so help them.anyways i was always from the popular girls and u know im only 11 years old im in 5 here are the steps
1.always be confident when you talk to popular girls.
2.dont put too much makeup or else you will look like a clown.
3.shower alot but not everyday or else your hair will fall down,wash it every 2 days and dont use antidandruf shampoo because it spoils your hair maybe anti dandruf cream.
4.always were accecories
5.if the popular girls dont want to talk to you dont keep naging to go with them ,just be cool
hope u liked it
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By being sincerely, genuinely interested in other people.
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I get you , but how , I mean I can't stalk them
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Try actually listening when they talk to you, and ask them questions that show you are interested in what they are saying. Try remembering peoples' birthdays, and just say, "Happy Birthday" - as opposed to stalking them :) Good luck
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Actually: It's a point worth pondering: Needing to be popular, means a person is more focused on themselves than they are on other people. There lies the problem.
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By being yourself and be open and honest , share in others interest and share your's with them .
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Well you have to be cool and act like you know things like be in a sport that girl will really hit on you like football or try to be nice and cool with people and they will show it back to u or where really cool normal clothes and bo honest but the thing that will actually help you is being yourself

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Ok well i would like to tell you something......i am a who used to be the most popular in my school and then i had to move to a new school where no one knew my name and everyone did not give a crap how much your clothing cost (i know i moved to like an other plait) so i had to start over it is going well but people have tried to trash me by starting roomers and being mean. I want to tell you something work your way up slowly but also make shore that you do not get tagged as a geek or nice, smile, always be the best you can be, get good grades, hang out with friends, and have a boyfriend or friend who likes you just as much as you like them. Good luck
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Ill say :
~have alot of friends
~say hi to everyone you know or have seen (even if you hate them)
~be open-minded
~dont be shy
~be your self
~dont copy what other people have done
~Make your own new style of the way you show your clothes
Im popular and hang around with  alot of people in our group!
Me && my bestfriends are the most popular girls in the whole of yr8 and yr7 and were only in yr7. We dont really care what we usally do, but we have fun. Were all pretty and usally girls try coping evrything we do. We all act as if were all brothers && sisters && share everything we have!
I reckon this is a way you become popular!
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Be nice to everyone even if you don't like them.
Be confident
Smile alot.

Good Luck It worked for me I guess. Xx
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By having the most ..doing the most.. Being a cheer- leader..having popular friends..   I think that's about anffe.. Don't you.
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We don't have cheer leaders ::::::)
tina harris
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Well then if thats the case. If your not born with it wont be popular anyways..
tina harris
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That isn't going to's an old wise'll see.
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Go around in glasses, a hold uyor books around skl....
Wear a tie
date a neek
tuck in your shirt
go 2 science club
stop being such a foolish retard
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Wow. That was really nice of you. This person obviously doesn't feel secur in society and they just want help on how to be accepted, so you go and call them a foolish retard. Same on u. Tut tut
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I agree. Such a helpful comment. Not.

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