What is your goal for the new school year?


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shalini sharma Profile
shalini sharma answered
To be able to complete my homework and assignments on time
Jenny =) Profile
Jenny =) answered
My goal is to not get a C+ in math! Lol yea... Well idk. Maybe something different i guess...... BUT U NEVA KNO FROM ME =D lolluv ya biyotch!~Jenny
Delores Christine Profile
I would say, try and finish my degree.
Kalabon Kalabon Profile
Kalabon Kalabon answered
Make a new friends group
Sam Green Profile
Sam Green answered
Im only in 7th grade and im gonna try to keep my social studies and math grades up.And also what Hermioner said lol
Eunice Kwarteng Profile
Eunice Kwarteng answered
To not get suspended for the whole year, have fun, and win our soccer games, nd also get good grades.... :D
Joan Profile
Joan answered
My goal for the new school year is to NOT get a ticket for speeding in a school zone.  That has never happened to me,  but I am always super careful about it.  How could I live with myself if I killed a child with my car (or anyone else for that matter)?  I am particularly careful if I know a school is nearby, irregardless if I am in a school zone or not.
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
To Make Sure My Son Gets All His Homework Done On Time. Behaves Himself In
School.  Makes New Friends Learns New Things.. Learns To Appreciate Math  Because I Really Don't Like A Lot Of It..I Like To Think Of A New School Year As A New Adventure For Him


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