What Is Your Future Goal?


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Starka Blurter answered
My future goal is to make my own business in programming & creating new softwares. Also, if I could find some experts in making video games, I will be happy to create some.... But I think it's sooooooo difficult to reach.
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Brandi lol answered
I hope to write and have a novel published.  Also to have a family.  Basically I just want to stay and be happy.  For a long time, 13 or early 16 I've been in an extremely deep depression and I've finally broken through that and can feel happiness,  breathe joy and radiate love.  I now love who I am and don't really care anymore if someone else doesn't.  I'd rather they did but I doesn't hurt if they don't.  So I guess my main goal for the future is just to maintain my new attitude and to stay happy and to keep loving myself.  Wish me luck.
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grace couch answered
My future goal is to finish getting my ged and go to college ....then start my family son
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leon lee answered
My future goal is to become a teacher who shares my idea with my students
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Anonymous answered
My future goal is to continue living my life in such a way that I can help others, hopefully remain healthy, and embrace each moment with a certainty that it could be my last...living life to it's fullest!
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david mba answered
My anticipated goal in life is to become a world renowned geologist. I want to be someone who is recognized for his positive contribution in the world of global engineering.
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john rhoades answered
My goal is to share with others the information I have learned and studied to relieve minds since most studies have been medicine,as well as to get heavily involved in a spiritual debate to convince the sceptical of the gospel of Jesus Christ.Thank you.
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mela Fedor answered
I just want to keep learning. Everything I can. It can only make me better in everyway. I was one of the those kids that always ask, "Why?" Only now if I don't know, I just go look it up. I have lots of
dreams. But, this is something I can do. Without going back to college.
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My future goal is to have my love consultancy and provide professional advice to all the people who need help in their relationship.
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I will name my child Stacy.

I will be Stacy's mom

and I will have it going on.

-Does anyone remember that song? :)

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You must kill Bin Laden, because America will reward permanent residence and billions of dollars as grant for only you.

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