Should the N.A.A.C.P. Be allowed to interfere with public school suspension policy, over a football game?


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Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! I just gagged a little bit laughing so hard cough cough. The only way you get the n.a.a.c.p to back away is to bring up the fact the rest of the team plays by the same rules and regulations and agrees to follow them no matter their belief,race, creed, or color. In other words there would have been no room for them(activist groups) to stick there nose in there. : ).the school needed/needs to have each player sign a binding contract for shall we say being able to have the priviledge of playing for the school(just like they would as a pro ball player).then if they break the contract in any way they have no recourse for being suspended or kicked off the team for not providing a sufficient reason to miss practice/s. : ). Taking from your quote-the sick part is the n.a.a.c.p. Using the word "breed". They still have that slave mentality/race card mentality about arguing the real problem of why the kid missed practices did not want to interact.maybe they missed that part.but the kid (the kid will miss out/suffer while all this goes on)and the parents don't really see from that viewpoint when the n.a.a.c.p. Gets involved ,they are most likely looking for a monetary settlement against the school. I answered another question in which i suggested they have a student(court) council arbitration and have the teachers moderate from the side lines and see how the students handle this problem if they are made to be responsible for their peer's actions.
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Excellent answer. One item of note. The school refused to speak with the official. I don't know what he was thinking, that they would discuss the issues of a student, with a total stranger. I can't walk into a school and expect to be given information of Mary Jones. Neither can you. Being called chapter president, does not warrant special privilages.
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Only if the suspension is based purely on race here otherwise stay out
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The actual question was An NAACP official tried to intercede school officials over the suspension of a player. The player had been suspended for skipping school. Again. The NAACP officail claims the player is being "high profiled". The kid was suspended for breaking school rule/law, should an organization be allowed to interfere, due to race?
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No not in the particular case you stated in your comment to Authur Wright.'s answer. Claiming that race is the motive for expelling a particular student for truancy. Sounds like a very weak argument to me. Based on the self evidence of the facts.If there is a big disparity between the punishment severity of African American students as opposed to  others then the NAACP might have a case.
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I was appalled that an official would try to dissuade the school board, using race, for a football game. The child could be better helped by the official motivating him not to skip school and break the law by tresspassing. I was disgusted by the "breed" comment. This official should not be a leader in his community. I think he sets a bad example for teaching youth responsibility.
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Hisdimple: I think you hit it right on the must be a hammer. : ). You have to remember they are blinded by their own actions until the scales are removed.
: ).

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