Why do kids not like uniforms?


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Not just kids. I'd say the majority of people in general don't like them. People want to have a choice on what they can or can't wear. They want to be different in their own stylish way. Could you imagine if the whole world had a uniform we had to wear at all times? How sad and boring would that be?..
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I don't think anybody actually likes wearing uniforms—either at school or at work!

I've been schooled in both England and France, and in England we had to wear uniform, but in France, we didn't. I much preferred not wearing a uniform, and it didn't seem to have any effect on anybody's education, either.

Why Uniforms Are Generally Unpopular

  • Less freedom to express yourself than if you get to choose what you wear
  • Less comfortable than wearing your normal clothes
  • Can lower self-esteem if they're not flattering!
  • You need several identical sets of clothes in addition to your usual clothes, and this can be expensive
So Why Do Kids Have To Wear School Uniform?
  • It's meant to give them a sense of responsibility - they're representing their school wherever they go when they're wearing the uniform
  • It's supposed to prevent clothing-related bullying
  • It stops people wearing anything too revealing or inappropriate (t-shirts with expletives on, for example)
  • People who own designer clothes have to wear the same uniform as those who can't afford designer clothes, which lessens the divide between students
  • It's supposed to strengthen (or create) a sense of school identity and unity

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As someone who wears a uniform on a daily basis I can safely say that at the best of times I don't particularly like it. A uniform is always unflattering, often expensive and can make people feel awkward in social situations where others are in their own clothes. However you can't please anyone. Although, like most I complain about having to wear a school uniform, I don't think I could cope with the additional stress of finding something appropriate and nice to wear each day. A uniform brings people together, as a school a business or community and is generally seen as smart. Kids don't like wearing uniform, but then again we don't like anything- take it away from us and we'll be asking for it back!

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Agree with you, that having a uniform makes it much easier not to have to think of what to wear every day (though I have a feeling that, in the workplace, uniforms often mean that the public treat you with less respect).

At school, though, my kids both really felt the pressure from peers of what to wear when they reached the age of not having to wear uniform (in sixth form), and many kids from richer backgrounds did then take the opportunity to show off, making their classmates feel a bit inferior, so I'm all for school uniforms as they seem to me to avoid a lot of that pressure...
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This might be because they don't want to wear the same set of clothes daily. They want to wear something different every day. Although children in their kindergarten years can wear the clothes they like. However, a preschool or a formal 10+2 school prohibits the same. So, they have to wear the uniform prescribed by the respective school. So, children have to adhere to the norms of the school, whether they like it or not.
Although schools in foreign countries, offer the provision that students are free to wear casuals in the school.
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I think it takes away from their freedom of expression. Clothing helps make us unique in our own way and I think uniforms just make one feel like a clone. Although I prefer uniforms over affiliation type clothing meaning "gang style" or "nazi" type of dress I still believe it kind of sends the wrong message to kids. Society should not dictate what a person can or should wear but it is also society that says the aforementioned type of clothing is inappropriate.

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I'm not sure that I agree with you about this as, when kids are young, they are being "dictated to" as to what they wear, whether their school requires a uniform or not - as, if it doesn't, it is then the children's parents (who pay for their clothes) who do the dictating.

Also, when I taught in primary schools which didn't have a school uniform, it was often pretty shocking what some parents would send their kids to school wearing. Some five-year-old girls were being sent to school wearing high heels and really sexualised clothing. They couldn't run around safely in the playground, and often had to be loaned shoes by the school in order to be able to join in with games with their friends.

Having a school uniform prevents this type of inappropriate clothing, and also reduces the pressure on kids from poorer backgrounds to compete with the designer brands that their richer classmates are wearing.

Kids are usually only in school for some 5-6 hours a day, anyway, so that seems to leave plenty of time to express themselves by what they wear outside school, in my opinion.
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