How can I promote my writing in an effective manner?


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Honestly, as a writer with no published works yet, it's hard to start. The best way I've found is guest posting, communities on google+, and having the right connections.

Guest posting gets your name into new circles and brings two audiences together. Communities makes sure that your work is seen by people who will actually read it and be interested. Networking to find people to share posts, "hangout with", and help promote your blog is hands down the best.

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Thanks for the answer Taylor! I really like the idea of guest posting, it's something I'm keen on exploring myself. Would you recommend anywhere in particular? Where have you seen success?
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Great answer, Taylor, thanks! As a writer trying to get noticed amidst all the noise on the internet, you're right - it's all about finding a readership. Starting a "conversation" with potential readers, or finding similar ways to draw their attention to your work, is one of the best ways of getting, and sustaining attention. In fact, simply broadcasting your work, without interacting with people, is well-known to be counter-productive a lot of the time, for people who don't already have a public profile of some sort.
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I think the best way to get yourself out there is by having a blog that you update regularly.  I blog on Wordpress and love it.  I've also found that supporting other writers, by reading their blogs, helps to attract people to your writing. 

The other biggie is using social media to promote yourself and get your name out there.  I regularly use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word on what I'm doing. 

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To future, answers, I already have a blog and use social media. I'm looking for other methods.

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