Do archaeologists study history? What do they study?


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Yes, archaeologists do study history—just not in the same way as historians!

What Archaeologists Study

Archaeologists study human life and activity in the past by finding and analysing objects, settlements, and the like.

They are interested in ancient civilisations and societies—from how we buried our dead to what we used as cutlery!

Anything that's classified as prehistoric, such as dinosaurs and the like, are not studied by archaeologists, but by palaeontologists instead.

What's The Point Of Archaeology?

We practise archaeology so we can learn more about the development of the human race, and understand how we've progressed to where we are now.

Over 99% of human history dates back before writing was used, and as there are no written records of these times, the only way for us to find out about them is by using archaeology to understand what was eaten, how societies worked, and what weapons were used to hunt.

Of course, archaeology has far more uses than just that–it would take forever to list them all.

Jobs in Archaeology

There are many jobs in archaeology, so if you're interested, it might be worth investigating what's available.

Some people are involved in the archaeological digs themselves—arguably where the 'action' is—whereas others will find these possible sites in the first place. Some people will later analyse the findings of these digs. Personally, I think the latter would be the most interesting, as you'd be the one discovering the meaning behind what's been found.

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