I'm writing a book, what do you guys think about ending a book on a cliffhanger? Is it acceptable? Do you have any examples of books that have ben successful in doing this?


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Wowww for some reasons I hate books with cliffhangers and at the same time I love them , you know that feeling where its a very interesting and you're just so involved in the book that you don't notice the book is nearly finished ; that's when I panic , because I can see the story hasn't completely resolved and there's a new complication stirring up , I reckon you leaving it at a cliff-hanger is fine , many books do I know from Amanda hocking she ends it with a question and another complication stirring up . I reckon this will allow more people to read , and maybe if you decide to do a series on this book people would be dying to read it . Good luck young writer :)

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You might want to look at "The day the Earth caught fire". At the end of the movie, the newspaper's presses are set up with two headlines. "World Saved"  and "World Doomed". We never learn what happened next.  (There is a wiki article for more detail). I thought that was a bad ending to the film, but cliffhanger it certainly was. The "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" starts with the destruction of the Earth - a reverse cliffhanger....

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Books with cliffhangers are a love/hate relationship. In my mind, they're acceptable, but as long as there's a sequel! However, if it's realistic fiction, I think it's fine to not have a sequel. Catching Fire, the book had a deadly cliffhanger. I was stomping around my house trying to figure out how and when I could get the next book. 8) I hope this helped! Sorry for my somewhat lame examples. 8p

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