How to skip school without getting caught?


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I got caught skipping school once, so I can share some advice on what NOT to do!

I think I was about 14 and a group of us decided to meet up before school and head over to the arcade. We had a great time, went to McDonalds and stuff and then made it back home in time so that our parents didn't suspect a thing.

However, next day at school we were summoned to the principals office and accusations of skipping school were levelled against us.

I think we actually ended up confessing, and were sentenced to a one day suspension (kind of ironic that you'd be suspended from school for not attending school!).

How to not get caught skipping school

Anyway, the whole ordeal taught me a few valuable lessons.

  1. We made the silly mistake of organizing it between 5-6 of us. It looks pretty suspicious when half a dozen people that usually hangout together are all missing from math class on the same day.
  2. We didn't keep it a secret. It turned out we'd been snitched on by the rest of the class - handed over to the authorities like bootleggers during prohibition.
  3. Plan an alibi beforehand. I think the biggest mistake was not having a story that could be corroborated. If we had said we were all going to a cross-country team try out for example, no questions would have been asked - and parental consent would have been assumed.

    Instead, when the teacher asked where we were the rest of the class simply shrugged their shoulders and said "probably skipping school". 

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My advice is don't stay around outside the school if you don't want to get caught. I didn't do it, but there used to be certain students that would not go into lessons and hang around the school gates smoking weed and stuff like that. Everyone knew they were bunking off class but they hardly ever got in trouble for it

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