How Can I Learn QTP Real Time Processing By Myself Ie Self Teach?


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Just have QTP installed on Your system and Play around the Yahoo! Groups and get the Correct Idea how to handle each and every scenario with all the flexibilities available

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QTP or Quick Test Professional is a graphical interface record-play automation tool.  It can work with any web application, java or windows client application. It is also helpful to test Active X controls and standard web objects. You can go here to get a step by step tutorial and evaluation copy of the software.

You can also down load the QTP software from  The computer based training can make you learn real time the "hows" of functional testing with Quick Test Professional. The best thing is that you can do that at the comforts of your own home with a desktop or lap-top near you! There is ample amount of topics given to you to practice and gets hands-on experience.

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