What Is An Example Of A Real-life Word Problem Which Can Be Solved Using Algebraic Inequalities. Write The Problem, And Then Solve The Problem. Show The Algebraic Inequalities That Are Involved Including All Necessary Steps Taken To Get The Answer.?


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In real life, inequalities are probably used most often when comparing resources with various requirements.

I have some money and my wife has $11. We would like to attend a dance that will cost us $12. How much money must I have if we are to gain admission to the dance?
x + 11 ≥ 12    (formulate the problem--our money must exceed the admission cost)
x ≥ 12-11    (solve by subtracting 11 from both sides)
x ≥ 1
I need to have $1 or more.    (interpret results)

(It worked out that I had $7 and my wife actually had $12. She paid, and we danced 'til we dropped.)
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My daughter wants to buy a shirt that costs $24 dollars, and she has saved up some money in her piggy bank. I am going to give her $15 to help her purchase the shirt. How much does she need to have in her piggy bank to buy the shirt?

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