Can Someone Show Me How To Solve This Math Problem? I Need To Know The Formula Including The Answer.


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Easiest way is to work backwards:

Step 1: Subtract 5 apples picked at tree 4 Leaves 60 apples
step 2: Divide by 5, the increase after tree 3 Leaves 12 apples
Step 3: Each picked same amt at tree 2. Divisors of 12 are 3 & 4. Each must have picked 3 else there would be no apples from tree 1. Leaves 3 apples to go.

Each must have picked just one apple from tree one.
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I'm younger than 30. Last year my age was a multiple of 7. This year it is a multiple of 5. How old am I?
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Using this 6% tax chart, calculate the tax on the following
1) .45   6% sales tax chart
2) 1.45   $.06 on each $1.00 plus the following  
3) 3.13   amount than a dollar
4) 5.61
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In the fiscal year of 1991-1992, a total of 109,782 child labor permit's were issued, 2/3 of which were for males.  The monthly average for males was closest to a (a) 3659, (b) 6099 (c)6861, (d) 9149

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