The answer to the problem is 40 decrees and 140 decree angles and the problem reads one of the angles is 3 times plus 20% = , how do I figure this all out? Will need step by steps so she can show how she got to the answer. Thank you


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You have two variables, angle A and angle B. Let's say angle A is equal to X. Then angle B is three times X + 20*. Apparently the question (which you didnt type correctly) asks what are the angles on a straight line crossed with another one. The sum is always 180* and angle A + angle B = 180. When we substitute we get  "x + 3x +20 = 180" or "4x=160" ... Or x=40. ===> Angle A is 40* (degree) and angle B is 3x40 +20 = 140*

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