What GCSEs Do I Need To Have To Become A RSPCA Inspector?


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Seeing as there is very strong competition for jobs within the RSPCA as an inspector, a BA degree in Law would certainly help your chances, but even then you would not be guaranteed a spot. Another thing that would certainly help is a minor qualification in animal science/care, or animal biology, so that you can confidently advice people on how to care for their animals - not just their dogs, cats or rabbits, but also horses, bulls, cows, goats, shearing sheep, and so on. These are things you wouldn't necessarily need a degree from, so a short course and volunteer experience is a good way to achieve these qualifications.

Also you need to be physically fit, be able to swim a distance with clothes on, and be very good at communicating and have an understanding of other people (in other words, they would sadly enough not recruit an autistic person).

So to sum it up.
A degree will help your chances. Probably a degree in Law, seeing as an inspector deals more with the legal and court side of the job rather than handling the animals. You would be expected to prepare cases.

Some qualification in animal sciences and diets, as well as care. Vast experience in handling animals.

Full UK driving lisence (no dots on it either)

And a perfect written and spoken english (in the case of non-uk applicants)

On top of those qualifications, you'd of course need excellent references, so they know they can trust you, and excellent references about how strong you are at teamwork and communication. Be able to handle stress well.

Be able to handle unpleasant situations well. Imagine if you got a call about a horrible animal cruelty case, and you arrive at scene and see 30 dead horses, smelly, in a pile lying on top of their on faeces - this has happened, and it would be vital that you'd know how to effectively do your job, no matter how bad it smelled or how disgusting it looked. If you vomited, that would not be very professional.

If you are serious about becoming an RSPCA inspector and would do anything to help save the neglected animals all around, the employers would notice this. If they don't notice this, you either have too little experience, or you didn't fancy the job as much as you yourself thought.
Also, be over 18 years of age.

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