If a triangle has a height of 12 in. and a base of 5 in, what is its area?


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Mike J answered

The formula for area of a triangle is (1/2)*(Base of Triangle)*(Height of Triangle).

Plug the numbers into the equation.

Area = (1/2)*(5)*(12).

Multiply base times height first to simplify the equation.

Area = (1/2)*(60)

Then, finish solving the problem.

Area = 30 inches.

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David Shabazi answered

You first need to consider the formula used to calculating the area of a triangle, which is: A = (1/2)(b)(h), where b is the value of the base and h is the value of the height.

Fortunately, for this question, it gives us the values for height and base. So now, all we have to do is plug in the numbers into the equation.

A = (1/2)(5)(12) in.^2

Multiply the 12 to the 1/2 to get a 6, which you'll then multiply to the 5, giving you 30.

A = 30 in.^2

Therefore, the area of the triangle is 30 in.^2.

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