What are the best languages to learn nowadays?


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Mandarin Chinese

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Learning a new language is a really excing thing to do!

If you want to learn a new language but do not really know which one, you should consider some factors:

  • Usefulness: To you and your life. What are the reasons behind it? Is it because you want to learn it for professional reasons? Or out of curiousity? The answers might vary according to the reasons or goals you might have.
  • Demand: If you're learning it for professional reasons the choice might be different or more restricted. Also consider where the world is moving politically and economically. This might give you a good hint as to which languages would be more beneficial for a career.
  • Availability: Consider the available resources you might have. Books, courses, lessons, native spekaers and so on!

Anyway, some of the best languages to learn nowadays would be:

Mandarin Chinese

These are all interesting languages! The process of learning will be challenging but rewarding. Pick the ones you think would be best for you, and dedicate some time to it daily, and you'll see the results. Best of luck!

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