Which is broader: speech or communication? And why?


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Communication is broader because though speech is a form of communication, you can say once and not a lot. In a communication... People continue talking till they are done... And no one knows till where can it exceed!

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Communication is broader. Speech is a form of communication, and communication can include things that are not speech, such as writing and other non verbal ways to communicate.

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Communication is broader than speech.  Communication is the practice of exchanging and relaying information to other people through different methods; speech is just one of these methods.

Types of communication

Communication comes in various forms. These  fall under two main categories, verbal and non verbal.

Verbal communication comes mainly in the form of speech. So public speaking, talking to friends, participating in class discussions are just some examples of using the spoken word to communicate with others.

Non verbal communication

Non verbal communication is broadly composed of the written word and the body language we use to express ourselves. Writing letters, e-mails, presentations, sign language and reading books are examples of written communication.

With body language facial expressions, gestures and the way we stand are examples of how we communicate how we feel or wish to appear to another individual.

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