How important is a college education?


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Well it depends on what you want in

If you're clueless, don't go to college. The better
road is to settle for less. Get some random stagnant job and live
somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of cats. I'm sure you
can easily find a nice big house for less than 100k. You won't be
near anything special, with nothing to do, nowhere to explore, no
culture to learn from, and pretty much nothing happening. Just you
and a few thousand people complaining about the rest of the world as
it goes by while you're sitting on the computer all day. You'll see a
plane fly over every now and then. But hey! Your house is cheap. No
traffic. No one to bother you.

However, if you have bigger
dreams. You'll probably won't be able to do it without college. Want
to live in the center of culture? A city center with tons of great
people, events, food, shopping, music, art, and entertainment?  A
good suburban neighborhood with well funded schools and educated
neighbors for your children to grow up in? Work for companies that
are actually contributing something to human kind? Have a solid
lifestyle where recessions and “failing economy” headlines bears
opportunity rather than bad news?

Personally, I wouldn't be
able to have all I have without college. Worked my ass off in some
ghetto high school. Worked my ass off in a college where I was behind
everyone else. Graduated cum laude with 100k in debt. College loans!
So scary! Got my first job starting at 90k a year + signing bonus.
Spent 3 years living with roommates in a small apartment to pay off
loans and make beginning investments. The rest was history. Never
“looked” for a job because the jobs always came to me. Supervisor
got offered a big promotion? Took me along for a 40% raise. Job
recruiters pack my emails inbox. I'm being recruited while recruiting
other people. My interns who are still in college gets paid 30
dollars an hour. People saying college is a bad idea confuses the
hell out of me, unless you're studying something stupid or got
accepted into some bottom tier university, it's the best choice you
can ever make.

Don't forget the networking capabilities of college. In this world, networking is king. Got into a good school? How did other people got there? By working harder or just as hard as you did. If you actually worked hard for anything, you would understand this and take the opportunity that university has provided you. My first joint venture included roommates and classmates.

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We've had two presidents that didn't go to college, but I would recommend it if you want to make a lot of money.. Or you could just try to make your own company.

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College today is so important, only for making a good life with good income. So for the person who is having that in mind it's really crucial. But you can have that without a degree as well, but with a degree it can be a lot easier. But general knowledge has nothing to do with college.You can learn so many things even if you don't apply college.I'm saying this because of people who think when you say someone is "Educated" means they know everything very well! I know someone who is computer engineer without a degree. He knows about science,medicals & nutrition ect . more than so many doctors.

But another point is, college is not only about general knowledge or a degree. It's about other factors too. You can be on your own, take heavier responsibilities. Some get their own place to live. Socialization, team works, tests, activities,sports, & so many other things.  So all the factors together, college in such a developing age is really good.

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For whom?

For a person looking for professional work, it's essential.

For a person wanting a rounded education and a good general knowledge, it's well worthwhile.

For a person looking to work in the trades it would be basically a waste of time. S/he would be better training in a craft.

I didn't complete my second year of high school and spent my lifetime working two jobs and lots of overtime, often seven days a week, to provide for my family. I wouldn't recommend it. It's far better to complete your education.

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It depends on the person and what they want to do in life and their capacity for learning. I know quite a few people who don't have college educations and own their businesses and are doing quite well. Other people I know who have a set goal or job they want to do where a college education is imperative. 

There are a lot of good jobs that just require trade school. It all depends on the person and what they want. 

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