Why Is Having An Education Important? Create A Sentence Outline


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It is important because only with a good education can you recognize and savor the real pleasures in life. Uneducated people never understand the real pleasures and never experience the highs that life can provide. If you are not made aware of your surroundings you go through life thinking the world is a dull and uninteresting place. With an education your life has meaning and you are aware of it's meaning and you understand what it means.
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by shannon Riggleman
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It is through education that wisdom, knowledge and information can be received and spread all over the world. An uneducated person is unable to read or write. Hence, he/she is closed to all the knowledge and wisdom that he/she can gain through books and other mediums. In other words, the entire world is unreachable to the person. It won't be wrong to say that an educated man lives in a room that has all its windows open towards outside world.

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