Why is the internet important in our daily life?


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William Duke Profile
William Duke answered

We use the internet to communicate with friends who live far away from us, for entertainment, for work, thus it's quite important

Tina Mathur Profile
Tina Mathur answered

1) For work related activities

2) For entertainment

3) For staying connected with their friends and family (stalking too!)

4) For shopping online

5) For paying utilitiy bills

6) For recharging their phone

7) For staying updated on the latest news

8) For communication purposes

9) For hunting jobs

10) For earning money through various platforms

11) For interaction with professionals in their field area

12) For building their knowledge bank

13) For getting answers to random questions

Rosemary White Profile
Rosemary White answered

I can find info on whatever I'm looking for. This is the main reason I use the web. Social media and entertainment too.

Matthew  Gabriel Profile
Matthew Gabriel answered

1. Businessmen can grow their business very quickly with the internet. Now a day’s many businessmen are selling their products online.

2. Students can acquire studious information they need.

3. We can apply online for jobs.

4. We can share images and videos through internet and many more things that we have done with the help of internet in our daily life.

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