Is it weird to dislike going to work everyday?


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DDX Project answered

Pretty much. Consider why would anyone want to do that to themselves? Especially if you live in America, where you have a choice. Where you work, what you do for a living, and the type of people you deal with are all determined by YOU. Don't like the job? Find another one.

I'm always happy with my work because I know how and when to just say no and walk away.

The choices you make in the past determines the choices you have in the future. Therefore if you're dissatisfied, do something different and maybe something better will appear in the future.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Not at all and in fact this is pretty much the norm as everyone hates to go to work sooner or later but unless we are rich or born into a wealthy family, we have to work to survive.  Even those who say they love their jobs feel this way one day, so no its not weird at all so maybe hope you marry into a wealthy family like so many of us wish we had. But fate didn't allow it and life goes on

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Yeah not everyone likes their job.

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