who invented school and why did they feel the need to do so?


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Fred Jenkins invented school, many years ago.

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"School" is merely the organized sharing/discussion of knowledge.

It started so far back in history, that there is no written record of who started it.  Probably cavemen sitting around a campfire, discussing the best way to bring down prey ... Or how to tell if something was edible.

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School was on earth for a while. Like since the 1920's .

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School in some form or another has been around almost as long as mankind. It is the passing of knowledge from one generation to th next. It is what has lead to the advancement of our species.

In the last 100-150 years it has been more available to everyone, as before only the those who could afford it were allowed to attend, Many people didn't know how to read or write and were easily taken advantage of, and stuck in low paying jobs. Most sons were just taught th trade their father did and girls were married off for dowries.

In many parts of the world this still happens. So be thankful you have a chance to go to school. You can learn and you can choose your own path in life.

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Schools, in one way or another have been around for many 1000's of years. However it was not until recently that nearly everyone has the opportunity to attend school. Often in the earliest times school was not formal as it is now and really had no set curriculum. Schools were thought to have started long before writing started to pass down information such as healing, trades, and religion to the next generation. In the early times only the rich and powerful were formally educated and given the oportunity learn.

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