How Do You Work Out Your Height In Meters Squared?


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Now that sounds like a whole lotta fun with the chocolate!!
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Kg/m2 when 91.3kg and 1.83 meters
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Probably the same way you'd work out your height in feet squared. You can't.    
great answer bluesman ;)
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Considering "to square" refers to area size, I guess you could get a bunch of friends together, give them each a different colored marker, and they could all fill in 1 in. Increments all over your body. Add all the inches together, convert to feet. Then square. Might be a little invasive though. Have to be some really close friends.
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If they were REALLY good friends you could use chocolate and get them to lick it off afterwards :-D

Errr ...

I'll get my coat ;-)

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You can't

Metres squared (square metres)  is a measurement of area not height

You could measure the area of your skin in square meters but you'd need to peel it off  first to measure it

Would you like to borrow a knife ?



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