how about getting admission in MBBS in U.K & USA ? What are the pre-requisites?


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That all depends on what university you're interested in. 

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You do realize there are hundreds of thousands of universities in the US. The "best" university would be one that specializes in your particular field of interest, your budget, your location, etc. etc. Too many variables to give you a good answer. Are you an American citizen? That will play a role in your choice too.
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no, i ask this as for a Pakistani citizen who has done with his high school ( grade 12th ) a/c to the local system and is interested in medical studies (M.B.B.S) . A/c to the local system in pakistan grade 13th is graduation (B.A. B.Sc , B.S. etc. or professional studies such as M.B.B.S, B.E. ) which the students continue in their college (B.A./B.Sc,B.S. only ) or in the university (honors) or professional colleges . Moreover kindly guide if u know about how a student who is quite good in studies can manage for a scholarship .
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You need to contact universities for this information. Maybe even your Pakistani consulate. This is way too specific information to get on a site like this.
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In USA or Canada, MCAT or Medical College Admission Test is for the students who are planning to pursue their Medical education. The MCAT test is a standardized, multiple-choice examination in USA...Whereas in UK, The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is part of the selection process of some UK medical and dental schools. It is an online test designed to test cognitive abilities, attitudes, critical thinking, and logical reasoning..For more details visit

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