When do you start school?


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I think it was 1980 something i first started school ... I need that car from back to the future so I can start again !!! I miss having naptime...this adult stuff sucks sometimes. No naps ... You have to buy stuff like windex and paper towel. I forget what the question was. So my answer is windex then.

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September, 1974 I think.

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Ancient Hippy
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Dave, you must be older than me. A rare find on this site.
Jaimie  JT
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You're only pre ancient hippy !! You got another 30 years before you can declare yourself ancient ... Cos I said so
Ancient Hippy
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30 YEARS more!!? I can see it now, walker, knee socks, adult diapers, dribble cup, false teeth.......................oh my!!
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Start?! I finished in August 1999. As for when the school year starts where I live, that is August 15th for the students. The teachers start on August 9th..

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