Where do you enjoy reading at?


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Anywhere and everywhere.  I prefer printed books to eBooks but my Galaxy is so easy to read from that I now always have a couple of books (bothn e- and audio-) in my pocket.

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Apparently, I only read in my dreams.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I usually read in the cool A/C of my car during my lunch break at work.

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Dear Megan Goodgirl,

Well lately I have been taking my book to the Scatter Creek Winery... 

Our book club meets there. A local couple hauls the grapes over the mountains from the Columbia Valley then makes the wine, selling it out of their little sandstone storefront built 1906. I love their strawberry zinfandel.

(Rooster, is it okay if I put in a plug here for a small business?)

So next time you are in downtown Tenino (all two blocks of it), be sure to bring your book and read with us.

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On the bathroom floor...... Don't ask! LOL!

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Jaimie  JT
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I wanna ask .... Wth are you doing on the floor yin ???? ;p
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Reading of course....... it is cool, quiet, the door locks AND my legs don't fall asleep sitting on the toilet to read...... PLUS my family KNOWS better then to stick their little noses under the door if Mama is going "potty"! LOLOLOLOLOOOLO!
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No, the only books I read are the ones I have to. Education is the only reason I read! I guess its a result of modern time or me being lazy. Probably the ladder.

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Virginia Lou
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Oh...I just laughed and laughed...then like some of the folks leaving comments I worried a bit whether he was okay...
SuperFly Original
Yeah I wonder how he made out too, not sure if their are any updates about him but someone somewhere probably knows how he is doing. Us youtubers will probably never find out. im sure. I dont know his name even not sure if its posted online anywhere, could be.
Virginia Lou
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...I felt each of his movements, SuperFly...I actually went several decades midlife drinking hardly at all, but for some reason now age 72 I just seem to enjoy drinking again...so within the past year prolly got somewhat looped maybe three-four times now!

And enjoyed every tipsy moment of it...loved watching this fellow
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The Barns and nobles in my town is the perfect place to grab a coffee and relax with book. ^^ Such an ideal place to loiter.

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I like to read sitting on my bed.  Also, when there are annoying people around so I can pretend that I didn't hear them when/if they talk to me :-)

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Megan! A place where I see and hear nobody will normally be the ideal spot. At
home, my room is the most comfortable and once all the windows and the door
closed, it does turn into a pretty peaceful reading area. On the other hand, my
local library can also great to sit down and read!

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