How do I convert 6 5/100 as a decimal?


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6 is a whole number.  It goes to the left of the decimal point.

5/100 is 5 divided by 100, or .05

Therefore 6 5/100 is 6.05

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You take the number you got (65) and divide it by what it's out of (100). Then times that by 100. This will work for any numbers.  But for this specific question the answer is. 65

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is the number 6 & 5/100 or 65/100?

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Good question. I probably shouldn't have assumed the &. That space could be a typo.
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Math is pretty precise. One should make sure that when a question is asked that it is unambiguous.
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write it as

6 + 5/100

Now, simply divide 5 by 100

6 + 0.05

Now, combine the terms

= 6.05

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