What can I do about a lazy teacher?


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I am sorry but this guy is yanking your chain if he is telling you a 120k house is anything other than average, at best. And no one goes into teaching for the money, because teachers are not paid all that well.

You do need to talk to your counselor. Even if they can't get you out of his class they can at least learn what a poor job your teacher is doing.

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Spanish is my lowest grade. All my teacher does is give out a few worksheets. He holds no quizzes, but when there is a CA, many students receice low grades. He doesn't pass back graded classwork-students can't improve. He doesn't give 0s, but when he wants something turned in within a class, he threatens full grade (100) today, or a 70 any other late day. He doesn't even type out assignment names in the online grade book. If anyone were to ask him a question relating to classwork, he'd drop his "fun" attitude. He could talk enthusiastically about his run weekend out with his family, though.

He runs a music studio, and I get that it may get overwhelming for him. He mentioned that running that studio has made him a lot of money and that he lives in a 120k house, with 4 nice cars. He's teaching just for the money. What can I do? At this point I just want to save my grade, but it's very unlikely that the counselors will change my classes for me. Man, I could type an essay raging about teachers like this.

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Talk to your parents and get them to talk to your head teacher or the school board. I wish my parents had of over my maths tutor.
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When theirs lazy teachers in my school we just make the situation better.


Everyone messes about and throws pens and various other things.

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Ask to your school management for the better option.

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