I have a few general questions regarding a documentary-style project for school (information in answers)?


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Hello, I'm making something like a documentary, on the progression of artificial intelligence. It covers broad subjects such as self-awareness (can robots have it? What makes self-awareness geniune? What is true self awareness? Does it exist?), morality (how can we make AI moral? Are humans moral? What's the difference between moral programming and moral thinking?), if we can teach a robot to think, do robots think, and can robots be conscious? (What is conscious? Is there a "true" conscious that science can't explain?) Please note that the questions I stated when describing the topics is not what I'm asking explanations for. I was giving examples of what I'm discussing in the documentary, my actual questions are down below:

That's what my project covers, so I have a few questions regarding making it.

I want to have interviews of real people, offering their opinions and experience. In particular, I would like to interview people like the sociology teacher who might be able to have valuable input on the matter due to her specialization on teaching human mindset.  I would also like to interview anyone who would be willing and has an opinion on any of the topics I will be covering. How do I ask? Where do I ask? Is it too demanding and intrusive to ask them to take out their time for this? I'm shy, so I have trouble going up and asking people for things. Also, if I want to just let lots of people know in case they would be willing, how do I do so? I don't have any friends to ask.

Secondly, how do I get footage? For example, in my intro I want to have different video cuts to people doing people things as a representation on human experience, i.e, cuts of people sketching, working with wood, playing on a beach, in a forest, pouring coffee, etc. (I also want shots of animals and bugs.) How would I ask for people do be in the videos? Again, wouldn't it be odd to ask someone for such a thing? I thought about asking some teachers (especially elective teachers) if I could video some of the class doing projects to get some footage, but it runs into the same problem of the asking itself.

Thirdly, the project outline from the teacher requires a target audience. It also require that you get the audience together, and organize the time you show them. (It's not a thing you show to the class, you have to get your own audience.) I don't know who would be the target audience, nor how to get them together. Again, I am shy with little to no social connections.

Thank you in advance and I apologize for how long this is.

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I assume this is some sort of semester project.

Personally, I have no idea about how to begin.

And my solution would involve dropping the class as fast as I could.


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No, not a semester project.
Why would I drop the class?
You're good though.
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Dropping the class is the solution for me.

At my age (71) any project that I undertake would have to be associated with one of the things I am passionate about to justify the work involved.
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