If most Americans are descended from Britons, how come they don't have the same accents?


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Since most Americans are not descended from Britons, this question is essentially moot. Only about 9% or so of Americans are directly of English descent.

Immigrants from many countries came here, to what was once a British colony, and adapted their native tongues to what the Brits had established as the primary language; the results of the uneven mixing are regional dialects. 

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N. Harmonik
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Oh. My bad.
Darik Majoren
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Ahh, the byproduct of the American melting pot . . . wherein we are all muts, and immigrants . . . UNLESS you happen to be Native American . . .

I wonder how we would fair against Trump's policies?
Call me Z
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..or why he seems favored by the Aryans?
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Because they are influenced by the accents of people around them, as well.  Thus the accent of (say) Louisiana was influenced by the French ... And the accent of (say) Minnesota was influence by the Scandinavians ... And the accent of (say) Texas was influenced by the Spaniards.

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Because here in tx we speak tex mex half english and some spanish and some british. So yee haw

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Speak (Literally) for yourself.

I am fully capable of not only speaking with an English accent, but with many different dialects.

. . . Also can do a bang up job with a Scottish, Irish, Australian, German, Spanish and Russian accents as well . . . I think Z's answer is appropriately posed.

As far as why we "Don't" . . .

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