Why is it that I want to write and yet I...physically(?)...don't want to write?


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star gazing answered

You’re probably into the concept of writing, involving the aesthetic of writing (peaceful, creativity, productivity), but are too lazy to actually do it, or struggle to create ideas. If you really do want to write, I suggest you set aside a time for it, and force yourself to sit down with a pen and paper, or your laptop. Begin writing with no structure, and I find that I can eventually flow into a story and “get in the zone” as I go.

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Caroline Smith , english as second language online, answered

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Your question is flawed: "physically" has nothing to do with "wants".

I mean, unless you're Dr Strangelove or Ash Williams ... Both of whom had limbs with a mind of their own.  (Nerd points for getting the references)

You may be saying to yourself "I'd sure like to be a writer" ... But if you aren't willing to sit down and put time into it, that's not physical.  It's mental.  You don't really want to do it.  Simple as that.

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