How much time for learn this language?


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Some people can reach basic fluency in a few months, some need a few years so this question is difficult to answer. It depends on how intensively the person is studying, what methods they are using, and many other factors. If you would like to get feedback about your particular situation.

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If we can devote 10 hours a day to learning a language, then we will need 48 days to achieve a basic level of fluency and 72 days difficult. Excluding weekends, this equals two or three months. If you spend 5 hours a day, then it will take twice as long.
Is ten hours a day the right time? May be. Here is an example of such a day.
8-12: Alternately, we listen, read and study the glossary on LingQ, Anki or with the help of other systems.

12-2: Rest, warm up, have lunch, while listening to the language.
2-3: We study grammar.
3-4: Writing
4-5: We talk on skype or with local residents if we are in this country
5-7: Rest
7-10: Rest with the language: Watch movies, listen to music or communicate with friends in this language, depending on the available options.

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