Can anyone learn a foreign language?


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Yes. You should not expect it to be easy (it’s not) but anyone can learn a second language just like anyone can learn a first language.

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there! I am sure that anyone can do so. It is not easy at the beginning, but
once you’ve got a good teacher and you put the time into it, it will be
alright. I remember the time I tried to learn Cantonese. Everything looked like
drawings at first, but after only one month, I was able to read and understand
the language. The main problem for me was the fact that I could not pronounce
the words properly. I suppose that if someone put an hour a day to learn a new
language, it is possible.

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Hi there! Of course, with the number of specialised software that are out there, it’s very easy for anyone to learn any foreign language that they might be interested in. I have myself managed to learn Hindi, Chinese and Malay using one of these software. Do some research to spot the thing that will suite you best!

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Anyone can learn a new language with a bit or maybe more effort. It's important to find suitable methodology to do that and a motivation. This might sound obvious, but if you don’t have a good reason to learn a language, you are less likely to stay motivated over the long-run. Wanting to impress English-speakers with your French is not a very good reason — wanting to get to know a French person in their own language is another matter entirely. No matter your reason, once you’ve decided on a language, it’s crucial to commit.

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Personally, I adore learning something new, including languages. The only thing I hate is essays! I can't stand expressing my thought! Unfortunately, this is one of the main steps in language learning. Nevertheless, I always order essays on RapidEssay because I just can't write them!

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