How Do You Write School Leave Application Letter On The Occasion Of Journey?


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When you say a letter of application for school leave the assumption is made that you intend on taking time away from school yourself or you are taking one of your children out of school for a holiday. The fact that you state it is for a journey would suggest you are planning on going away for some period of time. If you are to be honest to your school and the school principle, it may well be worth being honest from the outset. If you are planning on a vacation during term time, stress that you are doing it for educational purposes. If you are heading somewhere that has some interesting or historical places of interest state this in the letter claiming that the visit will provide you or your child with more educational opportunities than the class room can offer. If you are going abroad this can be emphasized even more so. This is a tricky thing to do as you run the risk of upsetting the school depending on their policy of taking time off for a vacation during term-time, but your honesty and the fact that it could well be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may sway things in your favour.
Bear in mind though that in some parts it is illegal to take time out of compulsory education for recreational purposes, so depending on how seriously the school take it you may run the risk of punishment by the local authorities. Have a chat with your teacher or principle to gain the mood of the school before committing yourself in the form of a letter.
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the principle
patel school
  leave for the occasion of journey

  I pooja mother of hitesh studying in your school in nursery class. As we are going to shirdi form 2-14 march its my request to you if you please pardom him leave for 12days.

Yours faithfully,
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The Principal,
ISP School.
Subject:leave for one day.

My son is suffering from fever since last night,he won't b able to attend the school today,so its my request to you if you please give him leave for one day

yours faithfully
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The Principle,
AES School

subject:sick leave for one day.

My daughter Malacca Ramon study in senior 'A' is suffering from gastro thats why she is not able to attend the school for one day .
Mother of Malacca.
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  I mdm chong mother of chong wen cheng studying in your school in P1/6 class. As we are going to Malaysia form11-17 Febraury 201 its my request to you if you please pardom him leave for 7days.

Yours faithfully,

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