How To Write A School Leave Application For Fever?


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If you are suffering from a fever or you are a parent writing to a school on your child's behalf, it is always best to let them know in advance in case your child will be missing any important lessons.  

When writing a leave application for fever makes sure you follow these tips:

• If you are the student, ask your parent or guardian to write the application on your behalf. This will add credibility to it and will also avoid the school having to ring your parents to check details.

• Considering your child is suffering from a fever, it is probably likely he or she has already attended an appointment with their family doctor. In the application, it may be worthwhile to include dates of when he or she attended the appointment and what treatment was suggested by the doctor. Include details of any drugs prescribed and details such as having to take time off school due to the fever being very debilitating or contagious.

• Give details of when you expect your child to be able to return to school in line with the recommendations given by the doctor.

• If your child is going to be missing important examinations or tests, ask if there is a possibility he or she can sit these at another date, given the unfortunate circumstances.

• Provide full contact details for the school to be able to contact you if they need to check any details with you.

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Leave Application for fever one day
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Fever leave application for one day for my daughter.
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       school name.
       class teacher
       school name.
Respected sir/madam,
                               as I was suffering from fever I was not be able to attend my classes past 2 please excuse my absence.
                                  Thanking you,
                                                                                                                   yours  faithfully
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Explain the reason why you are leaving and show your sorry about that.
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Dear Madam,


sec. -B

School -ST CONRAD INTER Collage

I was suffering from fever and I was not be able to attend my classes for 2 days, so please excuse the absence.

                                                                            Thank you,


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