What Is The A Solution For The In Equality 3x-1?

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If 3x-1 is greater than zero then;

3x-1 >0 ------(a)

the associated equation is;

3x-1= 0



so, equation (a) is satisfies only when x>1/3

so the solution for (a) is ]1/3  +infinity[

If 3x-1 is less than zero then;

3x-1<0 ------(b)

then associated equation is;



equation (b) is satisfies only when x< 1/3
so solution is ]-infinity   1/3]

so, the solution for inequality 3x-1 is ]-infinity  +infinity[
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That is the simplest form. However if it said 3X-1=5 you would know that x is 2 because 3x2-1=5

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