How To Graph The Inequality Y < 3x + 1?


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Andrew Jorge answered

Firstly you have to turn it into an equation: Y=3x+1 to find the coordinates
at y axis x=0
find the pair (0,1) on your graph
at x axis y =0
find the pair (-1/3,0) on your graph
join those 2 pairs with a dotted line (because it is less)
then you have to shade the part that this inequality represents. And since y is less than 3x+1 you shade the space ABOVE your dotted line .

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hope this has helped!

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Oddman answered
1. Graph the line y=3x+1.
2. Identify the half-plane below the line (all those values of y that are less than the value of y on the line for a given x value). You can do this in any manner acceptable to your instructor, possibly including coloration, crosshatching, or some other method. The line itself is not part of the solution. (It would be if y ≤ 3x+1.)

The half-plane you have identified is the desired graph.

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