Can You Give Examples Of 'Value-laden' Questions?


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Julii Brainard answered
Should evil criminals be locked up for life?

Are you voting that dunce Tony Blair out in the next election?

Her habits are so disgusting, don't you think so?

Why do you think that brilliant Michael Schumacher decided to retire?

Why do ugly girls do better at school?

Should indolent smokers get free medical care?

Is there any point in the rest of the world acting to reduce climate change, when the corrupt American government refuses to take action on the issue?

Why do people keep disease-infested rats as pets?

Why do selfish scumbags cheat on their taxes?

Is smelly tap water as good for you as bottled mineral water?

NOTE: These are example of biased questions; do not take these statements as the opinions of Blurtit!

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