What Is 37 1/2% In Fraction Simplest Form?


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The answer would be 3/8 I am a maths teacher
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Hey I am 11 years and I know 3/8 is the correct thing
I will show you,...

3/8 multiplied by 100 = 75/2
then 75/2 = 75 divided into 2 = 37 1/2 %

okay , thats the simplest I come , your welcome
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3/8 and im 10 years old :P

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In fraction form its 75/2

37 1/2 is a mixed number. In fraction form, it is 75/2 because you
multiply the whole and denominator and then add the numerator. Next,
you put the result over your denominator. By the way, this isn't really
chemistry. More like 3rd grade ma
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According to my Algebra 1 book the answer is 3/8, but need to know how they came up with 3/8

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