What Is The Relationship Between Tan X And Cot X?


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Tanx is reciprocal of Cot x. The product of Tanx and Cot x is equal to one. The relation between Tanx and Cot x can be explained as;

Tan x=  1/Cot x

Tan x = Sin x/ because x

Sinx / because x= 1/ Cot x

Sin x* Cot x= because x*1

Cotx= because x/ Sinx


Tan x* Cot x

Tan x* Cot x= Sinx / because x * because x/ Sin x

Tan x* Cot x= Sinx /Sinx * because x/ because x

Tan x* Cot x= 1

Tan x = 1/ Cot x

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