Who Is The Founder Of Mathematics?


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Descartes, a philosopher, scientist, and mathematician is called the Founder of Modern Mathematics
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Mathematics involves study of concepts related to quantity, structure, space and also change. Mathematics has evolved from counting, calculation, measurement and the study of shapes and motion of physical objects.

Mathematics has not been founded by a single person. It has developed over a period of centuries and the efforts and contributions of various people has made it what it is today. It evolved through a series of abstractions specifically that of numbers and counting. This was followed by elementary arithmetic. Then there came the system for recording numbers.

The first known numerals were created by Egyptians and the decimal system and the concept of zero was created in the Indus valley civilization. So as such there is no single founder of the subject.

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Mathematics has been a very ancient subject, and it is this age old feel to the science that makes it difficult to pin down any one person as the founder of mathematics. For instance, in India, mathematics has been in use right from the ancient times, some 4,000 years back, and is said to have originated in Vedic literature, which dates back to about 1,000 B.C. A lot of the elements of modern mathematics - algorithms, graduated calculation, rudimentary geometry, etc.

However, if we split mathematics into ancient mathematics, and therefore, logically, modern mathematics, then the task of allocating a founding father becomes slightly easier. For modern mathematics, the founder is considered to be Rene Descartes.Descartes, a philosopher, scientist, and mathematician is called the Founder of Modern Mathematics as well as Founder of Modern Philosophy. The Cartesian coordinate system, an element in plane geometry and algebra, derives its name from him.
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Maritaus Locklear
Personaly I feel that the founders of mathmatics would be the Egyptains. Then in a later period the chinese copied the Egyptains and started using mathmatics to tell time and for other occasions. But however, china decided to give mathmatics to the US, and pass it on as there own idea. So this means that the Egyptains created mathmatics!
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This question is very difficult to answer from a general perspective. What seems to be clear is that the founder of modern mathematics was Carl Gauss.
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There is no specific founder of mathematics. It was invented as well as discovered on its own
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For me, the founder of mathematics was pythagoras. Who discovered pythagorean theorem.

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