How To Convert Decimal Number To Binary Number?


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We divide the given decimal no.and record the remainder.The Quotient is divided and the remainder is recorded again .In this way the same procedure is repeated until the quotient becomes zero.The remainders are written in the reverse order.This will give  the binary form of the decimal form.For e.g the binary form of 19 will be 10011. When we divide 19 by 2,we get 1 as remainder and 9 is the quotient then we divide 9 by 2,we get 4 as quotient and 1 as remainder ,then we divide 4 by 2 and the remainder becomes zero.Lastly we divide 2 by 2 and I becomes the quotient and zero is the remainder.Then the remainders are written from bottom to top order.This gives the binary form of the decimal form.
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You can use many decimal to binary Conversion tool.

And you can use a simple method. Example--
what is the binary of 11
dividing each new quotient by two and writing the remainders to the right of each dividend. Stop when the quotient is 1.
2)11 - 1
2)5 - 1
2)2 - 0

Count the binary digit from down to up, like 1011 is the binary number of 11.
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First of all, let me clear the difference between binary and decimal number system.
The Number System used in computer is Binary Number System. Only one and zero are used in Binary number System. Base 2 is used in this system. First 5 numbers in binary notation are 1, 10, 11, 100, 101.
Decimal Number System is used in our daily life, base 10 is used in Decimal Number System.

Decimal to binary conversion: First of all divide the given decimal number by 2 and write down the remainder whether it is 1 or 0.
Continue this process until you find quotient as zero(0).

Example: Convert 2020 into binary number system?

Division Quotient Remainder B_Number

2020/2 1010 0 0
1010/2 505 0 00
505/2 252 1 100
252/2 126 0 0100
126/2 63 0 00100
63/2 31 1 100100
31/2 15 1 1100100
15/2 7 1 11100100
7/2 3 1 111100100
3/2 1 1 1111100100
1/2 0 1 11111100100

So the decimal number 2020 is equal to 11111100100 in binary number system. The process is mentioned above and the above example is solved according to that method.
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The number divide by 2 n the remainder is the binary no in reverse order
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How do you convert a decimal mixed number such as 27.625 to binary?  I know how to convert whole numbers but not sure what to do with the .625 part.
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Different number systems are used for counting things. These number systems are Decimal number system, Binary number system, hexadecimal number system and octal number system. The Radix of decimal number system is 10. Decimal number system consists of ten numeric values; 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Most commonly number system use in daily life is decimal number system.
Binary number system consists of only two digits 0 and 1. Conversion is changing the numbers from one base to another base system. For this purpose, different formulas are used. Two Numbers written in different number systems are equivalent but digits making up that number are entirely different. For example, if we write 8 in decimal system that is equivalent to 1,000 in binary number system.
Base Conversion from decimal number to binary number system uses a simple process. We use remainder method which consists of series of repeated divisions by the number of the base, to which we are converting. To convert decimal number system into binary number system, the given number is divided by two. Keep dividing the number until you reach a 0 or 1 quotient. Use reminder in reverse order.

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