Where Can I Get The Flowchart Of Decimal To Binary?


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When you use the REPEATED-DIVISION METHOD to convert a decimal to binary you can make use of the flowchart. The flowchart for this is very simple and makes use of the following 5 steps:

1) Divide by 2
2) Write down the remainder (R) and quotient (Q)
3) Check is quotient equal to zero in step 2
4) If answer to step 3 is NO go back to step 1
5) If answer to step 3 is YES write down the remainders (R) of each division with the remainder of the first division at the right most position (LSB) and the remainder of the last division at the left most position (MSB). The numbers thus formed will be the binary equivalent of the decimal number.

To illustrate with an example suppose I want to convert the number 10 to binary.

The remainder (R) and quotient (Q) after each division by 2 are as follows:

1) Divide 10 by 2. Quotient = 5, Remainder = 0

2) Divide 5 by 2. Quotient = 2,
Remainder = 1

3) Divide 2 by 2. Quotient = 1,
Remainder = 0

4) Divide 1 by 2. Quotient = 0,
Remainder = 1

Thus, if we line up the remainders the binary equivalent will be: 1 0 1 0

Hope this helps.

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