How Do You Write Garth Brooks?


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My 13 year old sister is retarded and schizophrenic, but she loves Garth Brooks.  She has most of his music and several DVD's of his concerts, she watches them every single day.  She wrote a letter to him, but it wasn't a letter that could be mailed.  She covered the entire envelope trying to write his name and our return address and she drew on the stamp.   She's been waiting every day for the mail hoping that Garth would write her back.  Is there any address we can send a real letter or some way he could just send her a short note or something?
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To know more about Grath Brooks, a great place to start would be his official website which is .

While you might not be able to write exactly like him, getting familiar with his style of music and his lyrics can help you gain a better understanding of this top country music singer-songwriter who is also a charity director. Of his selling points is that he has been successful he in integrating both pop and rock components into his music.

Born on February 7, 1962, this versatile musician hails from Tulsa, situated in Oklahoma, in the United States of America. In the span of his career he experienced a lot of trouble and conflicts between his family life and career. He is known for his statements and is often quoted even today.

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