How To Build A Windmill Out Of Popsicle Sticks?


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You will need glue, razor blades and a picture to guide you. (Oh, I'm also assuming you are going to be making a Dutch type of windmill....)

Can you only use popsicle sticks? If not, add toothpicks and paper clips to your list. Toothpicks are great for adding detail and for using as supports. The paper clip can be opened to help support the blades so that they will spin.

You can make the base square or to be fancy a pentagon or octagon!
-Begin by drawing the shape of the bottom on the windmill.
-Cut and lay the popsicle sticks flat on a piece of wood that will hold your windmill.
-I would continue gluing pieces on top of this base with the sticks laying flat on top. It will take a lot but it will allow you to stagger the sticks so that you can make the walls go in and out depending on the placement of your sticks.
-When your base is done, place sticks on top to cover it up.
-Begin constructing your blades. Make a hole in the middle so that it can spin.
-Now build a "block" on top of your base with sticks.
-Build a top for your windmill and that will sit on the base.
-Insert the blades into the block...
-Use the toothpicks as window trim, door trim and for the blades. You can also use it for support and structure if you use the sticks differently.

It sounds confusing but I hope you can make sense out of this suggestions. Good luck.

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