How to make a working model of windmill using motor or battery?


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For a battery powered model, unless you already have a dc motor, you will have to take apart any items such as toys that run on batteries. This will be required to start your windmill.

You can use most materials to make the basic structure of the model. Bendable wire is the best as it is easily movable though still fairly strong. You can use old coat hangers if wire is your chosen material otherwise wooden sticks from ice pops work great. These can be glued into place once you have your shape keeping in mind the general windmill shape - big at the bottom, small at the top.

Do this similarly for the rotor part of the model which should be an X shape and big in size. The main body can be covered by cloth to boost the overall appearance. Only do this once you have created the base for the motor. Again, wood or wire can be used for this. Although the wood can be glued into place, wire may be slightly stronger and less likely to break as it can be bent and hooked into position.

Be sure to check the voltage of the batteries and motor and that they work together accordingly. Ideally a 3V or 6V motor is best or if you do chose the dc motor, then 9V or 12V. With the DC motor, you are able to power the windmill without batteries as you can then simply plug in the model to any electricity output.

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